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Proteomes Results

Proteome IDOrganism
Organism IDProtein countBUSCO
Single Duplicated Fragmented Missing
Genome representation (RefSeq)e
UP000186698Xenopus laevis (African clawed frog) (Strain: J)835544571 n:3950
C:95.6% (S:41.5% D:54.1%) F:1.6% M:2.8%
UP000008026Tacaribe virus (strain Franze-Fernandez) (TCRV)9283134Standardfull
UP000000573Oat chlorotic stunt virus (isolate United Kingdom) (OCSV)6521103Standardfull
UP000001074Myotis lucifugus (Little brown bat)5946320651 n:6253
C:95.1% (S:90% D:5.1%) F:3.5% M:1.4%
UP000007305Zea mays (Maize) (Strain: cv. B73)457799254 n:1440
C:96.4% (S:49.4% D:46.9%) F:2.1% M:1.5%
UP000070720Gibberella zeae (strain PH-1 / ATCC MYA-4620 / FGSC 9075 / NRRL 31084) (Wheat head blight fungus) (Fusarium graminearum)22953314160 n:3725
C:99% (S:98.9% D:0.1%) F:0.8% M:0.2%
UP000000358Alfalfa mosaic virus (strain 425 / isolate Leiden)123224Outlierfull
UP000204654Lake Sinai virus (Strain: WHCC111282)15472194Standardfull
UP000000809Pasteurella multocida (strain Pm70)2728432009 n:452
C:99.3% (S:99.3% D:0%) F:0% M:0.7%
UP000008227Sus scrofa (Pig) (Strain: Duroc)982349779 n:6253
C:96.5% (S:38.3% D:58.3%) F:1.6% M:1.9%
UP000000351Saccharomyces cerevisiae virus L-A (ScV-L-A) (ScVL1)110082Close to Standardfull
UP000008810Brachypodium distachyon (Purple false brome) (Trachynia distachya) (Strain: Bd21)1536844786 n:1440
C:98.8% (S:64.7% D:34.1%) F:0.6% M:0.6%
UP000006906Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (Chlamydomonas smithii) (Strain: CC-503)305518829 n:303
C:96% (S:90.1% D:5.9%) F:2.3% M:1.7%
Close to Standardfull
UP000001671Southern bean mosaic virus (isolate Bean/United States/Arkansas) (SBMV)6529384Standardfull
UP000001974Saccharolobus solfataricus (strain ATCC 35092 / DSM 1617 / JCM 11322 / P2) (Sulfolobus solfataricus)2730572938Standardfull
UP000008333Plasmodium vivax (strain Salvador I)1267935389 n:234
C:25.6% (S:25.6% D:0%) F:0.9% M:73.5%
Close to Standardfull
UP000007018Mastomys natalensis papillomavirus (isolate African multimammate rat) (MnPV)6549157Standardfull
UP000029741Alphamesonivirus 1 (isolate Aedes harrisoni/Cote d'Ivoire/C79/2004) (CAVV) (Cavally virus (isolate C79))15529857Standardfull
UP000007021Ostreid herpesvirus 1 (isolate France) (OsHV-1) (Pacific oyster herpesvirus)654903116Standardfull
UP000007403Turnip crinkle virus (TCV)119884Standardfull
UP000001548Giardia intestinalis (strain ATCC 50803 / WB clone C6) (Giardia lamblia)1849227154 n:303
C:44.2% (S:42.2% D:2%) F:6.9% M:48.8%
UP000007646Loxodonta africana (African elephant) (Strain: Isolate ISIS603380)978525615 n:4104
C:97.4% (S:73.3% D:24.1%) F:1.9% M:0.6%
UP000001013Pyrococcus furiosus (strain ATCC 43587 / DSM 3638 / JCM 8422 / Vc1)1864972045Standardfull
UP000008651Red clover necrotic mosaic virus (RCNMV)122673Standardfull
UP000001941Methanospirillum hungatei JF-1 (strain ATCC 27890 / DSM 864 / NBRC 100397 / JF-1)3232593087Standardfull
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