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Proteomes Results

Proteome IDOrganism
Organism IDProtein countBUSCO
Single Duplicated Fragmented Missing
Genome representation (RefSeq)e
UP000122373229E-related bat coronavirus17396148Standard
UP000118770229E-related bat coronavirus17396148Standard
UP000130985229E-related bat coronavirus17396148Standard
UP000096398229E-related bat coronavirus17396148Standard
UP000201067A-2 plaque virus1200871Standardfull
UP000202363Abaca bunchy top virus4387825Standardfull
UP000282490Abaca bunchy top virus4387825Standardfull
UP000029777Abalone herpesvirus (isolate Abalone/Australia/Victoria/2009) (AbHV)1241371112Standardfull
UP000201090Abalone shriveling syndrome-associated virus49189331Outlierfull
UP000159585Abbey lake orthobunyavirus15013963Close to Standard
UP000237684Abditibacterium utsteinense (Strain: LMG 29911)19601563182 n:148
C:94.6% (S:94.6% D:0%) F:2% M:3.4%
UP000147198Abelson murine leukemia virus117881Close to Standardfull
UP000019050Abiotrophia defectiva ATCC 491765920101943 n:443
C:90.1% (S:89.6% D:0.5%) F:2.9% M:7%
UP000176514Abiotrophia sp. HMSC24B0915810611780 n:443
C:89.8% (S:89.4% D:0.5%) F:1.8% M:8.4%
UP000217296Abisko virus20255953Standardfull
UP000078561Absidia glauca (Pin mould) (Strain: CBS 101.48)482914825 n:290
C:94.5% (S:64.1% D:30.3%) F:3.8% M:1.7%
UP000193560Absidia repens (Strain: NRRL 1336)9026214767 n:290
C:97.6% (S:51.4% D:46.2%) F:1.4% M:1%
UP000245873Absiella dolichum319711702 n:232
C:87.1% (S:82.3% D:4.7%) F:0.4% M:12.5%
Close to Standardfull
UP000004090Absiella dolichum DSM 39914281272311 n:232
C:94% (S:93.5% D:0.4%) F:0.9% M:5.2%
Close to Standardfull
UP000284868Absiella dolichum (Strain: AF35-6BH)319711990 n:232
C:87.9% (S:87.1% D:0.9%) F:2.6% M:9.5%
Close to Standardfull
UP000262570Absiella sp. AM09-4522919934075 n:232
C:94.8% (S:94.4% D:0.4%) F:0.4% M:4.7%
UP000262613Absiella sp. AM09-5022919944073 n:232
C:94.8% (S:94.4% D:0.4%) F:0.4% M:4.7%
UP000263413Absiella sp. AM10-2022919954177 n:232
C:94.8% (S:94.4% D:0.4%) F:0.4% M:4.7%
UP000261888Absiella sp. AM22-922919964181 n:232
C:94.8% (S:90.1% D:4.7%) F:0.4% M:4.7%
UP000285403Absiella sp. AM27-2022922774634 n:232
C:94.8% (S:94.4% D:0.4%) F:0.4% M:4.7%
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